Yvonne Rainer Coaching

Struggle Coaching notes

Watch as Yvonne Rainer assist the students perform functional movement by demonstrating the difference of pretending to struggle and actually struggling.

Coaching Notes

When Yvonne Rainer came to ASU she gave the students very specific coaching notes to guide their performance of Chair/Pillow. She shared her intent when choreographing Chair/Pillow and the 1960s history surrounding Judson Dance Theater experimentations.

In this video clip, Yvonne gives additional corrections to assist the students performance. She also asks the Labanotator, Valarie Mockabee to clarify the counts.

Historical Context

If you are wondering what Chair/Pillow is all about, here is an explanation from the choreographer. Listen as Yvonne presents descriptive and historical information about the work.

1970s Art as Protest

In the video Yvonne Rainer reflects on the U.S. invasion of Cambodia and the peace demonstrations that followed. Yvonne Rainer share two ways she used dance as a means of action for social change.