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Specialist Interviews:

Pat Catterson

3 dance specialists were essential to the Interactive Gateway research project. Their participation gave students valuable insights into the work of Judson Dance Theater, Postmodern dance, performing historic works and dance documentation. Listen to these inspiring interviews with choreographer Yvonne Rainer, Dance Re-stager Pat Catterson, and Labanotator Valarie Mockabee.

Listen to Pat Cattersons interview where she recalls her experience working with Judson Dance Theater Choreographer Yvonne Rainer, performing Chair/Pillow and Trio A and her responsibility as Rainers Restager.

Chair Pillow in 1969

Learn the history of Chair/Pillow and why it was also called Audience Piece. Discover what about Chair/Pillow was funny.

Change Improv Chance

Learn how the Space Race, Civil Rights, Womens Rights, and the Vietnam War influenced choreographers and encourage imagination. In this interview Pat Catterson recalls the 1960s as a time of change and describes her personal dance experience.

Redefining Dance

Pat Catterson addresses the challenge of restaging Chair/Pillow due to its task-like performance quality. Hear how Pat helps dancers solve this challenge.

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