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Any Movement

Gesture Investigations

Pedestrian movements such as driving, itching, and brushing hair redefine what could be considered dance. Homework for the week required dancers to observe everyday human movement and to select three gestures to bring to next class. These movements were sequenced and incorporated into a movement phrase.

Postmodern choreographers looked beyond traditional dance forms and techniques for new ways of moving. Dance movement could any movement, as limitless as the body's potential.

It was really fresh and new for me to actually just pick up a pillow and sit it on my lap instead of trying to do some fancy spin and just do it like a natural action. I realized that was more interesting.

- Carrie Lebarron

Circle Dances

In the 1960s Deborah Hay created Circle Dances, consisting of very basic movement (skipping, swaying, and jumping) so that everyone could perform the dance not just trained dancers. It looks so simple, yet that is why circle dances feel so good. Watch students groove along with the music and jump when they feel like it.

New Sports

Steven Paxton created the dance Flat by gathering sports photos and dropping them on the floor, then randomly ordering them. Trisha Brown was fascinated by the rules of sports games. In this video clip students combine the movements, rules, and player positions of many different sports including swimming, football, and boxing- its a whole new ball game!

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