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"Chair/Pillow," a dance by choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer is at the center of this interactive website designed for high school students and their teachers. Spiraling outward from this landmark work are the ideas and practices which evolved from the rich collaborations between visual, theatre, music and dance artists at New Yorks Judson Church during the tumultuous Sixties. These artists challenged tradition and convention in all the arts and, in dance, this aesthetic revolution was realized by expanding the definition of dance to reflect the democratic ideal that any body can do any movement using any method to organize movement performed anywhere. Significant social and historical events of the era are identified to illustrate how the arts are shaped by the times in which they are created. In April 2003, the activities of the project culminate where they began - with "Chair/Pillow" performed by a cast of high school and university dance students on the ASU campus.

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